Goosebumps Book Series

Goosebumps is the all-time favorite book series of kid’s horror fiction novels. The first Goosebumps horror book was released on 1992, i.e. welcome to Dead House. From 1992 to 2019, R. L. Stine has released the continuous chain of Goosebumps books for kids. Each book is featuring thrill, action, adventure, horror, suspense, twist, mystery, and humor that captivate the little reader in astonishing story. The fictional characters of Goosebumps mesmerize and attract the kids in reading such fiction horror, such as Slappy the Dummy, The Haunted Mask, Monster Blood, Carly Beth Caldwell, Billy Deep, Jonathan Chiller, etc. You can find the 62 books in this series for unstoppable thrill and horror. They are distinguished in two series, i.e. Classic Goosebumps series and Goosebumps SlappyWorld Series, which are the perfect pick for kids of age 8 to 12. The complete Goosebumps book series and separate books are available at best online bookstore from children horror books online shopping in Pakistan. You can get the l Goosebumps books at best price from here.